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1. Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful: oblivious to her surroundings; oblivious of the criticism against him.
2. Archaic Lacking all memory; forgetful.

o·bliv′i·ous·ly adv.
o·bliv′i·ous·ness n.
بِعَدَم انْتِباه
án òess aî gera sér grein fyrir
ilgisiz bir şekilde


adv to carry on obliviouslyeinfach (unbeirrt) weitermachen


(əˈbliviəs) adjective
unaware of or not paying attention to. He was oblivious of what was happening; He was oblivious to our warnings.
oˈbliviously adverb
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In his angry essay "Sex and Sensibility" in the May 27, 1997 issue of The Advocate, Kramer laments the fact that his fellow homosexuals, far from having learned their lesson from the plague of AIDS, are rushing promiscuously and obliviously into the abyss of destruction.
So many obliviously swamped with the same arrogance believing the world thinks just like you.
In a small room just above the cafeteria, while US soldiers and South Vietnamese police dined obliviously below, Communist agents - the Viet Cong's F100 cell - planned the 1968 Tet Offensive.
Describing it as "Congress acting like we are in the 1920's, obliviously awaiting another depression", Weiner and Coombs show that energy policy is a crisis which "remains in free fall" while the nation approaches the end of this surplus supply of oil from fracking.
They obliviously went to sleep, most unaware of or unconcerned about the havoc they caused.
There are hidden treasures and a deep philosophy obliviously shaping this language to what it is now, and in the Arabic language, letters are people and words are a society.
Amount of variance that is not explainable by first question) Obliviously, less value of error increases the coefficient of determination, so there is more correlation between question and related factor.
Given it was an evening for bravery, never have I been prouder of my chum than when she stood on the red carpet, obliviously flashing her bra and knickers to the world
Obliviously, the Taj Mahal is one of the main inspirations behind this collection.
Chantelle is obliviously ready to work hard for the top spot on the competition.
Even if there was a surge in the exempted imported goods, the drop in revenues should not have reached this level," he said, adding that there was obliviously collaboration among customs officials and scouts who inspect the containers entering the customs zone at the port.
Obliviously the government cannot afford to accommodate any of the main demands of the TTP without compromising the Pakistan's Constitution and the prosperity of the country.