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 (ŏb′əl) also ob·o·lus (ŏb′ə-ləs)
n. pl. ob·ols also ob·o·li (-ə-lī′)
A silver coin or unit of weight equal to one sixth of a drachma, formerly used in ancient Greece.

[Latin obolus, from Greek obolos, variant of obelos, spit, skewer, obol (since the early Greek obol had the form of a long, slender rod like a spit for roasting).]


(ˈɒb əl)

an ancient Greek coin, the sixth part of a drachma.
[1660–70; < Latin < Greek obolós, literally, spit; compare obelus]
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Craig cycled down the same route on his way to work, and watched the OBOL swoop down onto the municipal golf course adjacent to the road, where it made a 90-degree-turn and began to follow the course of the River Alt.
Second, Lysias ([paragraph][paragraph] 12-13) claimed that the grain merchants violated the stricture limiting profits to one obol per medimnus of grain.
Lane County Audubon Society: The third Saturday big walk will be to a location determined by interesting bird sightings posted to OBOL and other pertinent information available before that date.
Obol Plains: Players can discover the mysterious Obol Plains with its vibrantly colored flora and creatures that are plagued with inhabitants that are destroying the surrounding areas.
org), an animal rescue charity and won a Toyota Van for OBOL in a Facebook contest.