adj. Botany
Egg-shaped and solid, with the narrow end at the base: an obovoid fruit.


(Botany) (of a fruit or similar solid part) egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base. Compare ovoid2


(ɒbˈoʊ vɔɪd)

inversely ovoid; egg-shaped with the narrow end at the base, as certain fruits.
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Fruit shape: globose = 0; subglobose = 1; obovoid = 2; elipsoid = 3; ovoid = 4.
3 cm, about equaling the secondary fascicles, thinly subcoriaceous toward the apex, pungent, carinate, red toward the apex, glabrescent, suberect; secondary fascicles obovoid, pulvinate, subsessile, ca.
of Boulder, CO, has released their limited-edition Obovoid Oak-Aged Oatmeal Stout.
multiflora), obovoid, bilateral, concave-convex, non-tuberculate, with a central raphe and with a convex aerenchymatous float on the adaxial raphal side.
6 mm long, white, margins lacerate, papillose; ovary obovoid, subtrigonous, ca.
The fossils are morphologically similar to fruits of Cocoseae, sharing characters such as ovoid to obovoid shape, apical stigmatic remains and, excluding Cocos, a relatively small size.
axes distichously arranged in one plan; elongated spatulate leaves with attenuated Taxonomic Epithet Key morphological rank characters base, cryptostomata thin to large, mostly aligned on each side of the midrib, and dentate margins; vesicles supported by a long pedicel, spherical to obovoid, smooth or with a short mutro, a foliar appendage or crown, or differentiated into phyllocysts; receptacles mostly bisexual, with serrate margins and arranged in dense cymose glomerules.
Cypselae oblong, ellipsoid, ovoid, obovoid to turbinate, truncate, attenuate to rostrate at the apex, smooth to ribbed; glabrous to pubescent, with typical or modified twin hairs, glandular hairs and leaf-like hairs (e.
to yellowish brown, broadly obovoid or subglobose, ca.
Arils obovoid, oblong-ellipsoid or cylindrical, 2-3 cm long; seeds 2-3(-5) cm long, obovoid-oblong or ellipsoid to subglobose, brown or red-brown, mucronate, the megagametophyte smooth or only slightly ruminate.
Eremophila seeds vary in shape from oblong to obovoid (Chinnock, 1981 a) and are located in locules (seed chambers) within the fruit.