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abbreviation for


or Obs.,

1. observation.
2. observatory.
3. obsolete.
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Modern systems automate many of the occasions when OBS mode (or HOLD or other terms used in older navigators) is required.
With its expertise in one-pack systems, Baerlocher plans to continue the development of OBS technology.
Still, OBS stabilizers offer manufacturers an opportunity to be "ahead of the game" in environmental responsibility, according to Crompton sources.
By using proven key locking technology, back-end software, and an innovative bicycle with chainless technology, OBS increases safety and reduces maintenance and costs.
The addition of Mike Balin in the product consulting function represents continued hiring of experienced and talented resources to drive the next phase of company growth," says OBS CEO, Dan Myers.
Adding Robert Surko to the OBS team underscores OBS' commitment to bringing the most competitive and innovative online banking and channel technologies to the community bank and credit union segments," says OBS vp of sales and marketing, Joe Spatarella.
INDIANAPOLIS -- OBS Medical's BioQT[TM] technology has been recognized as a top finalist for the prestigious TechPoint Mira Award "Healthcare IT Innovation Award".