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 (ŏb-skyo͝or′ənt, əb-)
One who opposes intellectual advancement and political reform.
1. Characterized by opposition to intellectual advancement and political reform.
2. Tending to make obscure: an obscurant bank of clouds.


an opposer of reform and enlightenment
1. of or relating to an obscurant
2. causing obscurity
ˌobscuˈrantism n
ˌobscuˈrantist n, adj


(əbˈskyʊər ənt)

1. a person who strives to prevent the spread of knowledge.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of obscurants.
3. tending to make obscure.
[1790–1800; < Latin obscūrant-, s. of obscūrāns, present participle of obscūrāre, derivative of obscūrus dark]
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Speaking at the outset of the session, Sabbagh underlined the key role of interior security forces side by side with the Syrian army to defend the homeland's security and stability against the takfiri obscurant terrorism which targets Syria and its people.
Barats also wrote a very negative "Note about Hasidism," were he called Hasidic Jews (the majority of the Jewish population of the region) obscurant religious fanatics.
Though the group said the substance can also be used as an obscurant or a smoke screen, it can also serve as an incendiary weapon, HRW said in a report on Wednesday.
This follows the directives of Dr Shaikh Sultan, who said: "We can face obscurant thinking with enlightened thinking.
The system can recognize targets in day, night and obscurant conditions, a December press release said.
2mm wavelength) used with 10-pm obscurant particle size results in a scattering efficiency of IE-9.
Brendan DeLacy, an ECBC researcher in the Toxicology and Obscurant Division, continues to work with MIT-ISN on the transparent display but is also pursuing how nanoparticles can enhance obscurants, concealing the location of a warfighter from plain sight.
This isn't just smoke or chaff, this is a high tech obscurant, which can be effective against an array of missile homing systems," said Antonio Siordia, the US Seventh Fleet's science adviser.
Small aerosol particles that can block one or more portions and allow passage of the rest of an electromagnetic frequency band are of interest for electromagnetic shielding and obscurant application.
On the other hand, the city is a place for fanatical ideas and obscurant movements that find the place even in state policy.
Depriving women of university education due to their clothing, beliefs, identities, or family backgrounds is a primitive and an obscurant attitude that wears off the emancipatory nature of the universities.