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Noun1.obtainment - the act of obtaining
acquiring, getting - the act of acquiring something; "I envied his talent for acquiring"; "he's much more interested in the getting than in the giving"
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Our vitality challenges are much more mind boggling enveloping the dependability of supply, offer of clean vitality and guaranteeing straightforwardness in obtainment and installments.
Finally, the company said that the agreement will come into effect pending several conditions like a successful acceptance of tender offer in ADOG and obtainment of relevant approvals from regulatory authorities in Israel and Europe; while there is no certainty that these conditions will be met, Shikun & Binui expects to record a profit currently estimated at NIS300-380m when the agreement becomes effective.
Some of the challenges the body aims to address are registration, obtainment licenses and access to finance, especially for start-ups.
The company has recently completed the obtainment of the licensing for the first real estate investment fund in the Egyptian market.
The Parties will support the East-Med Pipeline development activities and to this extent will support the IGI Poseidon application for the obtainment of EU funding under Connecting European Facility program", the declaration pointed out.
Moreover, the choice of Geoplast systems helps the obtainment of points for LEED certification, the most widely used green building rating system in the world.
Their topics include mathematical modeling as a method of technical objects research, analytical dependencies and methods of their obtainment, phenomenological models in engineering, and methods of computational analysis of models with differential equations in partial derivatives.
He told a press conference that seven militants were arrested in the security operation at Ben Guerdane, noting that interrogations led to the obtainment of very important information.
The right of obtainment of information of public is being restricted.
Regarding the draft project on regulating the pharmacy profession, the minister said that the aim to open the sector for private investments without conditioning the issuance of commercial registers on the obtainment of academic qualification to exercise the profession.
The letter of intent is non-binding and the transaction is subject to the execution of a definitive asset purchase agreement, the obtainment of necessary approvals, and other customary conditions.
The acquisition represents another obtainment of quality assets from the parent company, COFCO Corporation, following its injection of nine commercial property projects (including six Joy City complexes) into the Company in November 2014.