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 (ŏb-tro͞o′sĭv, -zĭv, əb-)
1. Thrusting out; protruding: an obtrusive rock formation.
2. Tending to push self-assertively forward; brash: a spoiled child's obtrusive behavior.
3. Undesirably noticeable: an obtrusive scar.

[From Latin obtrūsus, past participle of obtrūdere, to obtrude; see obtrude.]

ob·tru′sive·ly adv.
ob·tru′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.obtrusiveness - an unwelcome conspicuousness
conspicuousness - high visibility
unobtrusiveness - the quality of not sticking out in an unwelcome way
göze batma


n (of person)Aufdringlichkeit f; (of smell also)Penetranz f; (of appearance, dress, building)Auffälligkeit f


(əbˈtruːsiv) adjective
(negative unobtrusive) too noticeable. Loud music can be very obtrusive.
obˈtrusively adverb
obˈtrusiveness noun
References in classic literature ?
They buzz around thee also with their praise: obtrusiveness, is their praise.
Yates, without discernment to catch Sir Thomas's meaning, or diffidence, or delicacy, or discretion enough to allow him to lead the discourse while he mingled among the others with the least obtrusiveness himself, would keep him on the topic of the theatre, would torment him with questions and remarks relative to it, and finally would make him hear the whole history of his disappointment at Ecclesford.
Subsequently, Abacha symbolises this, and his obtrusiveness into the political sphere ostensibly documents the slippery Nigerian political terrain.
Practices to minimize observer reactivity include randomization of scheduled observations, limiting the obtrusiveness of observations, and not informing the participants as to the nature of the investigation (Franklin, Allison, & Gorman, 1996).
PERs were spray painted in a green and brown camouflage pattern to reduce visibility and obtrusiveness in the upper water column, but the top 10 to 15 cm above the water line were painted a bright safety orange and marked with reflective tape for easier visual identification by passing watercraft.
The problems encountered during the study were associated with the inaccuracy of the self-reports and the obtrusiveness of the experimental setting.
Near zero obtrusiveness of the sensor device to the direct users.
James Buzard's study of the nineteenth-century tour describes a dynamic in which the participants "were seen as surrendering their own initiative to an organized power that directed and propelled them on their way; their presumed passivity, obtrusiveness, and obeisance" thus evacuated independent agency and rendered them subject to someone else's directives for travel (2001, 60).
As a result, school officials often question researchers about the level of obtrusiveness or disruption that the proposed research will have to the district's data management and research department (if secondary data) and/or to teaching and learning (if primary data).
Lee says the obtrusiveness of a Lumiode display that's built into a pair of smart glasses will depend on a few factors, including the optics used in the glasses.
While nearly invisible bow hunters resented the obtrusiveness of the shotgunners, biologists greatly appreciated their contributions.
The instruments included three micro cameras, concealed within the car interior to avoid obtrusiveness.