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a. occipitotemporal, rel. a los huesos occipital y temporal.
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Colored region-of-interest boxes on the scanned image correspond to areas shown in (B through D) (hippocampal sector CA 1 =blue, and occipitotemporal (OT) cortex of fusiform gyrus = red).
Dentro de las areas que mas se han vinculado con la percepcion de emociones y que servirian como resonadores afectivos se enlistan: corteza occipitotemporal inferior, coliculos, amigdala, corteza orbitofrontal (COF), ganglios basales, insula, corteza cingulada anterior y corteza parietal derecha (Adolph, 2002; Heberlein & Adolphs, 2007; Heberlein & Atkinson, 2009; Fusar-Poli et al.
The anatomical substrate for prosopagnosia is variably described as left occipitotemporal area, right fusiform gyrus or a combination of these.
Semantic Organization of Body Part Representations in the Occipitotemporal Cortex.
Assuming raw visual input and self-organization in deep generative networks, our model will be the first to provide a comprehensive account of the development of the known gradient of visual-lexical processing along the left occipitotemporal cortex.
3) Functions related to the parietal, occipital, and occipitotemporal regions of the brain may be affected, and may include left-right disorientation, language skills, and space perception deficits.
The three areas identified include the Broca's area which is responsible for writing Parietotemporal region responsible for analyzing what is written and Occipitotemporal region which is responsible for identifying what is written (Stein 2001).
The diagnosis of "occipital epilepsy," given precedence of late, seems to have been caused by an arteriovenous malformation responsible for the recurrence of the seizures, or by an occipitotemporal cerebral atrophy responsible for the writer's reading difficulties in his infancy (Jallon & Jallon 2005).
34) demonstrated the cause of pure alexia neuroradiologically in a patient with surgical damage that cut the interrelation of the "visual word area" located on the left occipitotemporal sulcus and the occipital cortex; the connection between the two is the inferior longitudinal fasciculus, and injury to this pathway leads to a typical disconnection syndrome.
The medial occipitotemporal gyrus is believed to play a part in the reading of facial expressions.
com/medical/occipitotemporal) occipitotemporal parts of brain - a response that also happens when people look into the faces of other human beings.