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 (ə-klo͞o′zəl, -səl)
Of or relating to occlusions of the teeth, especially the chewing or biting surfaces: occlusal wear.


(əˈklu səl, -zəl)
1. pertaining to the occlusion of the teeth.
2. designating or pertaining to the surface of a tooth that meets the surface of an opposing tooth in occlusion.
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Tenders are invited for Computerized Dental Occlusal Analysis System For The Department Of Dentistry At All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur.
Records were made for the cervical, buccal, lingual or palatal and incisal or occlusal surfaces.
0 occlusal analysis system to determine the occlusal contact points.
When we speak about the need for treatment, all kinds of treatment should be considered, from counselling, behavioral therapy, physiotherapy, and rest of various kinds of occlusal therapy.
The following data were taken into account: occlusal, mesial, and distal surfaces of first and second deciduous molars and first permanent molars, for a total of 36 surfaces per patient.
As an alternative, it was suggested that perpendiculars be drawn from points A to B on the occlusal plane (Wits appraisal), but misinterpretation of Wits value was encountered due to variability in the occlusal plane, which was seen to be easily affected by tooth eruption and orthodontic treatment7.
To carry out this planning, it is necessary to conduct epidemiological studies to quantify malocclusion by evaluating occlusal characteristics in children at various stages of their development.
The patient presented in the practice with occlusal discolouration on tooth 15 (Fig.
It is low-viscosity and self-adjusting so no additional occlusal adjusting is needed.
The highest microleakage values were found with gingival margins when compared to occlusal and the highest gingival microleakage value was found at self-adhesive composite resin group without acid etch and flowable composite resin with total etch system.
The Practice provides an array of services including traditional restorative, crown and bridge, perio-therapy through hygiene, occlusal therapy, and minor tooth removal.
The Lucia Jig is a very important clinical device used in dental science, as a differential diagnosis method to detect occlusal interferences in the centric relation position, fundamental in planning prosthetic oral rehabilitation (Lucia, 1964; Venturelli, Zuim, & Garcia, 2009; Nassar et al.