occupancy rate

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Noun1.occupancy rate - the percentage of all rental units (as in hotels) are occupied or rented at a given time
pct, per centum, percent, percentage - a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)
hospital occupancy - occupancy rate for hospitals
hotel occupancy - occupancy rate for hotels
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saw the lowest occupancy rate since such data began to be compiled in January 1999, the Tokyo Airport Administrative Office said.
Barnes Quinn's average, however, was bolstered by a 100 percent occupancy rate in five buildings.
According to Shoukry, the flow of tourists from Gulf states during the holiday drove hotel occupancy rates upwards, along with the desire of some Egyptian families to spend the holidays outside homes.
BEIRUT: The average occupancy rate at Beirut hotels stood at 56.
Majestic Arjaan Rotana manager Raiz Sabak highlighted that the occupancy rate reached nearly 85pc in August.
Occupancy rates for South Africa's hotels are projected to increase from 58.
0 per cent increase in its overall occupancy rate year-to-date.
By this year the number of occupied berths was down to 121, leaving an occupancy rate of 66.
Al Madinah ranked third with an occupancy rate of 41.
In skilled nursing, the median occupancy rate for skilled nursing fell from 88 percent during the fourth quarter of 2003, although it held steady from last year's first quarter rate at 86 percent, according to Mullen.
In addition to loan performance, the indicators give operators and investors a national snapshot of other financial and performance benchmarks, including loan volume, occupancy rates, move-in rates, and capitalization rates.
Outside the metro area, the average occupancy rate was 74.