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also o·da·lisk  (ō′də-lĭsk′)
1. A woman slave in a harem.
2. An artistic representation, often highly eroticized, of such a slave.

[French, from alteration of Turkish odalık, chambermaid, female slave attending women of the harem : oda, room (from Old Turkic otāğ, tent, temporary dwellling of nomads, probably originally meaning "place where a fire is lit" and akin to ōt, fire) + -lık, suff. expressing function.]


(ˈəʊdəlɪsk) or


a female slave or concubine
[C17: via French, changed from Turkish ōdalik, from ōdah room + -lik n suffix]


or o•da•lisk

(ˈoʊd l ɪsk)

a female slave or concubine in a harem, esp. in that of the sultan of Turkey.
[1675–85; < French < Turkish odalIk concubine]
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Noun1.odalisque - a woman slave in a harem
concubine, courtesan, doxy, paramour - a woman who cohabits with an important man


nOdaliske f
References in classic literature ?
As to their women, it is a little different: they cultivate beauty from childhood upwards, and may by care and training attain to a certain degree of excellence in that point, just like the oriental odalisques.
He has sewn up ever so many odalisques in sacks and tilted them into the Nile.
Now look here, when Olympia was shown at the Salon, Zola--amid the jeers of the Philistines and the hisses of the pompiers, the academicians, and the public, Zola said: `I look forward to the day when Manet's picture will hang in the Louvre opposite the Odalisque of Ingres, and it will not be the Odalisque which will gain by comparison.
Appropriating the stereotypes of a colonial Orient, Benjamin-Constant alternated indolent odalisques and fierce Moors in his huge, meticulously constructed compositions.
Picasso once joked that Matisse had left him his odalisques as a legacy, and here he makes reference not only to Matisse's orientalism but to his exuberant high colour and pattern-making, too.
63) Male artists relying largely on their imaginations, depicted opulently decorated interiors with luxuriant odalisques in the nude or in Oriental dress.
Revising Orientalist cliches that attribute voracious sensuality to sultans and odalisques, the Rubaiyat offers an Oriental figure whose heightened awareness of stimuli leads to philosophical wisdom and scientific achievement.
It was clearly influenced by Ingres' Odalisques and painted in homage to Delacroix's Women of Algiers in Their Apartment (1834), and points the way to the exotic elements in Matisse's Algerian paintings.
Peekaboo cut-outs on carved wood mirrors beguile, inviting would-be odalisques to lounge upon Bathe Home's enticingly-patterned plump cushions.
The members of the commune dutifully painted Ottoesque odalisques and fauns and made films, small gems about--what else?
The women then become literal odalisques (odalisque, from the Turkish, means to belong to a place).
Mind you, this fact never reflected in the silk worn by beautiful Mediterranean odalisques.