odd fish

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Noun1.odd fish - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
unusual person, anomaly - a person who is unusual
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Steerforth, dismissing the subject with a light nod, and a smile, and the remark that he would be glad to see the old fellow too, for he had always been an odd fish, inquired if I could give him anything to eat?
Confusion over terrapins spotted in Huddersfield canal The only wildlife you'd expect to find in Huddersfield Broad Canal is the odd fish, ducks and empty Carling cans.
THE Match Lake at Holgan Farm was in a mean mood for the Christmas fixture and only winner Carl Bolton had more than the odd fish.
There have also been the odd fish from the Newbiggin area and still occasional codling from South Shields Pier and Whitburn and Marsden rock edges, with crab more or less essential.
The odd fish to 6lb have been taken from rock marks at Cullercoats and Tynemouth, with South Rock Hole giving the better fish.
It is not all about people who want to take the odd fish home Kevin | for supper.
The odd fish showed up, nibbling at the remainder of bait presented.
Spread throughout rivers, forests, towns, cities, zoos, and even desert cantinas, it's possible to find reptiles telling strange stories of odd fish that once were, and of birds that have yet to be .
The north bank has some shelter and the odd fish can be taken there off the surface even in early spring.
The field of 17 anglers had to scrape around for the odd fish, Phil Noble of Stokesley doing that well enough to weigh in 5lb 4oz for second place.
This could be a good time to try Packington's stretch of the River Blythe, which has good numbers of decent chub and the odd fish coming out on breadflake.