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adj. odd·er, odd·est
1. Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; strange or peculiar: an odd name; odd behavior. See Synonyms at strange.
2. Being in excess of the indicated or approximate number, extent, or degree. Often used in combination: invited 30-odd guests.
a. Constituting a remainder: had some odd dollars left over.
b. Small in amount: jingled the odd change in my pockets.
a. Being one of an incomplete pair or set: an odd shoe.
b. Remaining after others have been paired or grouped.
5. Mathematics Designating an integer not divisible by two, such as 1, 3, and 5.
6. Not expected, regular, or planned: called at odd intervals.
7. Remote; out-of-the-way: found the antique shop in an odd corner of town.

[Middle English odde, from Old Norse oddi, point of land, triangle, odd number.]

odd′ly adv.
odd′ness n.


Variant of Od.
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Noun1.oddness - the parity of odd numbers (not divisible by two)
parity - (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers: if both integers are odd or both are even they have the same parity; if one is odd and the other is even they have different parity; "parity is often used to check the integrity of transmitted data"
2.oddness - eccentricity that is not easily explained
eccentricity - strange and unconventional behavior


[ˈɒdnɪs] Nrareza f


References in classic literature ?
Even then I noticed the oddness of the brown faces of the men who were with Montgomery in the launch; but the launch was now fully laden, and was shoved off hastily.
His oddness of speech, his gaucheries, his ignorances and nervousness had all been so lightly treated that they had been brushed away almost insensibly.
He seemed unconscious of the strangeness of the position and appeared not to notice any oddness in being addressed as Mr.
Some few persons I have met by chance, and sent them home heartily frighted, as from the oddness of my dress and figure they took me for a ghost or a hobgoblin.
I thought in a transitory way of the oddness of wells still existing, and then resumed the thread of my speculations.
Perhaps Evie was responsible for Miss Avery's oddness.
and therefore able to see) when he travelled in Italy; and perhaps, also, his powers of observation were impaired by the oddness of finding himself in this strange empty house, where apparently no one expected him.
I was so much astonished, that the oddness of introducing a madman in an asylum did not strike me at the moment, and besides, there was a certain dignity in the man's manner, so much of the habit of equality, that I at once made the introduction, "Lord Godalming, Professor Van Helsing, Mr.
Madame Rabourdin had justified the expectations formed of Mademoiselle Leprince; she possessed the elements of that apparent superiority which pleases the world; her liberal education enabled her to speak to every one in his or her own language; her talents were real; she showed an independent and elevated mind; her conversation charmed as much by its variety and ease as by the oddness and originality of her ideas.
Adding to its atmosphere of oddness, the festival takes place in a former 19th century factory.
I was then struck by the oddness of the fact that I was taking a picture of a picture.
Irish memory is very significant, and many Irish plays are centered around this theme - which can be much more interesting than leprechauns, fairy forts and other mythical folklore people have used to explain the oddness of the relics of Ireland's ancient civilizations.