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Noun1.odds-maker - someone who sets the betting odds based on calculations of the outcome of a contest (especially a horse race)
gambler - a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events
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Bookies had Abraham the marginal favourite - on last night's evidence you'd have to believe their odds-maker is Stevie Wonder.
The Cook Political Report is considered the best odds-maker on candidates in the U.
In the judgment of a racing official, an odds-maker and a jockey's agent, that race would be closer than many might have thought.
com Stadium Club(TM), fans have access to a complimentary &uot;pick of the day&uot; from legendary Las Vegas odds-maker, Jim Feist absolutely Free.
Finally, Dougie Lawrence, Shawlands, said: "I tried to stick on a bet with William Hill's odds-maker Graham Sharpe on Tim Henman never reaching a Wimbledon final but he wouldn't take it.
CRUSADERS are listed at 9-2 with the odds-maker acknowledging: "Roy Walker does fantastic things on a shoestring.
The film stars college player Burt Reynolds, and features a guest spot by TV odds-maker Jimmy ``The Greek'' Snyder.
A few years ago one leading odds-maker told me he would happily go 5-6 a goal; 5-6 a miss if the goalie was Mark Bosnich.
Vegas odds-maker Jimmy Vaccaro recalls: "People were betting against Douglas as if he was crippled.
Perhaps Hills, the owners of Sunderland, could lend their trembling layers an odds-maker to give them more confidence
Compton Eclaire gets 19lb off fully exposed top-weight Mandatum, who could be inconvenienced by a three-way battle for supremacy up front with Nessen Dorma and Odds-maker.
Despite being just number two in the West, Las Vegas odds-makers see the Dubs winning the Larry O'Brien trophy this year.