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1. Arousing or deserving hatred or strong dislike. See Synonyms at hateful.
2. Extremely unpleasant; repulsive: an odious smell. See Synonyms at offensive.

[Middle English, from Old French odieus, from Latin odiōsus, from odium, hatred; see odium.]

o′di·ous·ly adv.
o′di·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.odiously - in an offensive and hateful mannerodiously - in an offensive and hateful manner; "I don't know anyone who could have behaved so abominably"
بِصورَةْ شَنيعَه
iğrenç şekilde


[ˈəʊdɪəslɪ] ADVodiosamente, de forma detestable


(ˈəudiəs) adjective
hateful; disgusting. She is an odious young woman.
ˈodiously adverb
ˈodiousness noun
References in classic literature ?
But he had gone too far and saw no other way out of the ridiculous position than to behave odiously.
I'm afraid you'll think me odiously intrusive, but you know I MUST have a garden--upon my honor I must
Her phrases, so bald and few, constantly repeated, showed the emptiness of her mind; he recalled her vulgar little laugh at the jokes of the musical comedy; and he remembered the little finger carefully extended when she held her glass to her mouth; her manners like her conversation, were odiously genteel.
Casaubon seemed to be stupidly undiscerning and odiously unjust.
He had odiously watchful eyes--eyes that looked skilled in peeping through key-holes.
If you will be odiously, demnebly, outrIgeously jealous, my soul,' said Mr Mantalini, 'you will be very miserable--horrid miserable-- demnition miserable.
Mr Clennam,' said Mrs Gowan, 'apart from the happiness I have in becoming known to you, though in this odiously inconvenient place-- a mere barrack--there is a subject on which I am dying to speak to you.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tribute 9 Lodge 10 Rural 11 Armrest 12 Hot 13 Odiously 16 Footpath 17 Sot 19 Ravioli 21 Balti 22 Lover 23 Nudists DOWN: 1 Starchy 2 Libretto 3 Null 4 Plymouth 5 Edge 6 Petty 8 Examination 13 Outboard 14 Listless 15 At first 18 Drily 20 Viva 21 Beds QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stick insect 8 Tie 9 Err 11 Italics 12 Mania 13 Get 14 Top 15 Filling 17 Tin 19 Used 21 Orgy 23 Stye 25 Sari 27 Ail 29 Matinee 31 Ash 34 Dot 36 Khaki 37 Bedtime 38 Yet 39 Vex 40 Delivery van DOWN: 1 Site 2 Teat 3 Ceiling 4 Insole 5 Simon 6 Cent 7 Trio 8 Tight 10 Rapid 16 Guy 18 Nor 20 Sea 22 Rim 24 Tuesday 25 Shaky 26 Nibble 28 Latex 30 Alibi 32 Shed 33 Hate 34 Diva 35 Omen
Nor would many in GCC countries have been able to anticipate the effect of terrorists who claimed, odiously, to be acting in the name of Islam.
Lily and company had been watching him, their elbows leaning on the closed coffee bar, their jaws odiously hanging.
gloss over the extent to which the Civil War enshrined industrial capitalism, the subordination of the states to the federal behemoth, and such odiously statist innovations as conscription, the jailing of war critics, and the income tax.
12) On Priestley Jameson modeled the character of the odiously self-promoting writer William Ridley, whose books, says her alter ego Hervey Russell, "are crammed like sausages with the beliefs, irrelevant or fraudulent, of comfortable people" (Love in Winter 253).