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also Oed·i·pal  (ĕd′ə-pəl, ē′də-)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Oedipus complex: oedipal conflicts.

oed′i·pal·ly adv.


(ˈɛd ə pəl, ˈi də-)

adj. (often cap.)
of, characterized by, or resulting from the Oedipus complex.


[ˈiːdɪpl] ADJ [conflict, situation] → edípico
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If that's not enough to provoke a reverse Oedipal crisis, I don't know what is.
Milton Acorn Award; Oedipal Dreams was nominated for a
Coraline's encounters with the family in the world on the other side of the brick wall have drawn considerable interest from critics many interpreting the text as a Freudian/Lacanian psychodrama of identity formation (most notably the oedipal crisis and its resolution) in which conscious and unconscious desires are in constant tension especially around mother/child relationships (Rudd).
Doctorow favors first-person narration, characters enmeshed in a situation: an Episcopal priest in a failing church, buying back stolen items from street vendors; a convert to a religious community facing the problem of continuing it when its charismatic leader leaves; a suburban husband attempting to keep his marriage together, dealing with a homeless man who sits in his car in front of the house because he once lived there; a son's account of his mother's murderous con game; a son's Oedipal revenge.
In most cases, the mother's role is merely to spur the Oedipal longing that forms the Spanish Romantic hero's relationship with his beloved.
Thus, Ducornet's protagonist is caught in a doubly Oedipal bind: his Freudian training will do him more harm than good since desire can never be truly affirmative for him.
A close reading of this film indicates that Leon's entire problem with authority centres on an Oedipal conflict.
His novel, about a son's Oedipal relationship with his histrionic mother from whom he tries to escape, is set in Communist Hungary, from which virtually no one escapes; it manages to be both dark and very funny.
In the introduction to that book, they objected to my reference to the ' Oedipal structure' of the story.
Explanations for impotence over the years have included witchcraft, shell-shock, masturbation, feminism, and the Oedipal complex.
That some kind of Oedipal struggle is occurring here is obvious, as father and son are frequently at odds: "I resolved to do exactly the opposite of what my father wished," the narrator tells us (47).
Words such as quixotic, Oedipal, and herculean show how fictional characters permeate our language.