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also Oed·i·pal  (ĕd′ə-pəl, ē′də-)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Oedipus complex: oedipal conflicts.

oed′i·pal·ly adv.


(ˈɛd ə pəl, ˈi də-)

adj. (often cap.)
of, characterized by, or resulting from the Oedipus complex.


[ˈiːdɪpl] ADJ [conflict, situation] → edípico
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have blurred with the murderer's blowing: father and uncle are briefly Oedipally synonymous.
We tend to conceive of incest oedipally in the contemporary Western world as consanguineous sexual relations between persons related in a vertical (or almost vertical) line--parents and their children, grandparents and their grandchildren; even first cousins.
To be sure, Koehler's pop-psychoanalysis invariably tends to exculpate Wagner as the Oedipally obsessed, neurotic undead brother of Antigone, who has been betrayed by every "Jewish" father figure, whom Wagner unconsciously stuffs into that role.
The spectrum extended from preparatory studies for Gerhard Richter's Atlas Tafel 470, 1989, and Thomas Ruff's newspaper photographs (Zeitungsfotos 151-158, 1991), which exhibit an apparent anxiety of influence, up to Johannes Kahr's almost oedipally fixated 2001 portrait of Ulrike Meinhof.