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also e·no·phile  (ē′nə-fīl′)
One who appreciates, enjoys, or collects wine; a wine connoisseur.

[Greek oinos, wine + -phile.]

oe′no·phil′i·a (ē′nə-fĭl′ē-ə) n.
oe′no·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.


(ˈiːnəˌfaɪl) or


a lover or connoisseur of wines
[C20: from Greek oinos wine + -phile]


(ˈi nəˌfaɪl)

one who loves or is a connoisseur of wine.
[1925–30; < French < Greek oîn(os) wine + -o- -o- + French -phile -phile]
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Noun1.oenophile - someone who appreciates wine
appreciator - a person who is fully aware of something and understands it; "he is not an appreciator of our dilemma"


enophile (US) [ˈiːnəʊfaɪl] Nenófilo/a m/f
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Presented by Dr Andreas Emmanouel -- doctor in viticulture and oenology, president of the Cyprus Oenophile Club, president of the Cyprus Wine Experts Committee and lecturer at the Limassol Institute of Technology -- the series is aimed at those who already known quite a bit about the nectar of the gods, and will focus on the natural cycle of the vine, local varieties and how to taste wine in the proper manner.
Blowers has become perhaps our greatest oenophile, a bon viveur with whom most cricket fans would enjoy sharing a satisfying lunch.
African Airways Vacations said it has developed a wine and culinary-themed package designed to satisfy the most ardent oenophile.
One suspects the oenophile analogy would not receive much approval from today's art critics, nor most likely would the writer's quoting from Joshua Reynolds' The Idea of Beauty.
The winery has a state-of-the-art processing unit that uses gravity to process grapes and a terrace overlooking the hills to welcome oenophile tourists.
From the most serious oenophile to the beginning taster, California's diverse wine regions have something for everyone.
Stanley Tucci is exactly the right person--he's well known, likeable and an oenophile.
Robinson's early oenophile experience came from communion wine--her father, the Rev.
Just before jetting off to Gay Days at Disney World, the longtime oenophile gave us his favorite picks for summer sipping.
Oenophile Bishop Ralph Spence, of the Hamilton, Ont.
After being asked to leave the premises, the prominent North Down member rounded up an active service unit which proceeded to plant a box of empty Lambrini and Bacardi Breezer bottles outside the Stranmillis activist's front door, thereby exposing him to the contempt and ridicule of his oenophile neighbours.
He was a celebrated oenophile and gourmet, and although I can't pretend to know a lot about those disciplines, I love to eat and drink--if we just didn't have to discuss his music.