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bracelet cuff

cuff 1

a. A fold used as trimming at the bottom of a sleeve.
b. A band, often having an opening with a button closure, at the bottom of a sleeve.
2. The turned-up fold at the bottom of a trouser leg.
3. The band at the top of a sock.
4. The part of a glove that extends over the wrist.
5. A bracelet consisting of a curved, open-ended band, as of metal or resin, that fits the wrist firmly without a clasp.
6. A handcuff.
7. Medicine An inflatable band, usually wrapped around the upper arm, that is used along with a sphygmomanometer in measuring arterial blood pressure.
tr.v. cuffed, cuff·ing, cuffs
1. To form a cuff or cuffs on.
2. To put handcuffs on.
off the cuff
In an extemporaneous or informal manner.
on the cuff
On credit.

[Middle English cuffe, mitten.]

cuff 2

tr.v. cuffed, cuff·ing, cuffs
To strike with or as if with the open hand; slap.
A blow or slap with the open hand.

[Origin unknown.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: the cuff - without preparation; "the presidential candidate made a remark off the cuff"
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I think Milner has a style, while Salah is a bit more off the cuff.
Like Jack, I would have been using blue expressions to get my point across, but I have been retired now for nearly 20 years and I know I am a dinosaur with bad habits, but I do know that we have moved into a new world of quick sound bytes and off the cuff remarks.
Off the cuff comes from the 1930s when speakers might make notes on their shirt cuffs to remind them of the points they wished to make.
It was more off the cuff before, I was hitting them and they just seemed to go over," he said.
According to the author, not the Christians nor the Muslims in this country need to be "counted" off the cuff.
In Off the Cuff & Over the Collar, McCarthy covers a wide range of theological, devotional, and moral topics that are the "stuff" of everyday Catholic life.
THOUSANDS of pounds being spent on enquiries and investigations, countless hours of lawyers' and MPs' time being expended and the resignation of the Government Chief Whip and all because a police officer was upset by what appears to be an off the cuff remark by Andrew Mitchell over whether or not he should be able to ride his bike through the main gates of Downing Street.
A speech which was just off the cuff, Or are you really calling our bluff?
The performers of First Act Workshops, a drama training and casting centre for young people in Birmingham, are now preparing for their next fundraiser called Off the Cuff.
Teams fear that off the cuff remarks on Twitter could cause problems during this month's finals in Ukraine and Poland and other sides could follow the directives.