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(ôf′do͞o′tē, -dyo͞o′-, ŏf′-)
1. Not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.
2. Of or relating to the periods when a person is not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.


(of a soldier or police officer, etc) not working


1. not engaged in the performance of one's work.
2. pertaining to or during a period when a person is not at work.


[ˌɒfˈdjuːtɪ] adj (policeman) → non in servizio
References in classic literature ?
That was why he made, in odd moments of off-duty, turtle-shell combs and hair ornaments for profit, and was prettily crooked in such a matter as stealing another man's dog.
He added that off-duty policemen carrying their gun would have to wear an arm band to identify them as such.
An off-duty police officer saw the two and rescued the child while the woman managed to make her own way to safety.
The officer told how the policemen were approached by Taylor ,who he assumed "recognised" PC Doyle as a police officer who was off-duty.
By denying employees from taking real off-duty rest breaks, ABM is not competing on a level playing field with all the other businesses that are lawfully complying with California's wage and hour laws," adds Michael Adreani, the other lead attorney on the case.
Other off-duty officers have confronted people verbally abusing passengers, smoking on buses and engaging in sexually explicit or offensive conversations.
Following this mantra, the dealer who is well stocked for concealed carry needs among the citizenry will undoubtedly have the right product for off-duty cops--and reap the benefits.
On Friday night, police say Midas, 33, of Weatherly, went to the police station in the small town of Lansford, where he was a part-time officer, and took ammunition and an unmarked police car before he drove to the home of another off-duty officer and took him hostage.
It's alleged the officer, who is in his mid-30s, attacked a woman in January at her home while he was off-duty.
But the 34-year-old culprit hadn't banked on confronting the off-duty cop during the incident on Saturday.
An off-duty officer who was in the bar detained the 21-year-old until other officers arrived and arrested him.
Man threatening to kill people didn't expect to be wrestled to the ground by our off-duty officer in a zebra onesie.