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(ôf-lĭm′ĭts, ŏf-)
Not to be entered or frequented by a designated group: a bar that is off-limits to military personnel.


forbidden to be patronized, frequented, used, etc., by certain persons, as soldiers.
[1950–55, Amer.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - barred to a designated group; "that area is off-limits"
restricted - subject to restriction or subjected to restriction; "of restricted importance"


[ɒfˈlɪmɪts] ADJ
1. (US) (Mil) → prohibido, de acceso prohibido
2. (fig) [activity, substance] → prohibido


[ˌɒfˈlɪmɪts] adj (Am) (Mil) → vietato/a (al personale militare), off-limits inv; (not to be entered) → off-limits
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A beach in occupied Deryneia that was off-limits as it was in a military area, is to open to the public as of next month, but only for Turkish Cypriots and Turkish nationals, it was announced on Tuesday.
The sale of offshore oil and natural gas leases today in the western Gulf of Mexico highlights the benefit of allowing development in the 87 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf the federal government has placed off-limits, said API Upstream Group Director Erik Milito.
While other nations are actively increasing their ability to produce oil and natural gas off their shores, the proposed final OCS leasing plan keeps 85% of America's federal waters off-limits at a time when exploring every possible energy source is critical to boosting our nation's economy and creating jobs.
The Reconstruction Agency said that it would aim to allow evacuees to return to zones in Fukushima where preparations are under way for lifting emergency off-limits orders.
Almost 32% of people would not discuss their sex lives with even their closest friends, with 31% seeing infidelity as off-limits - and yet, they are more open with each other than ever, O2's All About You report said.
The central government also believes that off-limits areas will be necessary to secure sites outside the plant where workers can remove melted fuel from nuclear reactors severely damaged by the devastating earthquake and tsunami last year, the officials added.
It said the detainees have been transferred to off-limits military sites and urged the observers to insist on full access to all sites used for detention.
Summary: Hizbullah has reportedly asked the Lebanese Army to stop flying over several areas of southern Lebanon, defined as off-limits by the party, according to a report published by the German magazine Der Spiegel on Sunday.
It was Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, who laid down the rules for dealing with this revelation: "I have said before and I will repeat again: I think people's families are off-limits.
areas currently off-limits to oil exploration in order to reduce the price of gasoline.
It is so dangerous that the regional security officer has declared the neighborhood off-limits to American officers unless they are traveling in lightly armored vehicles or have special permission to cross the area in caravans.
Long off-limits to American businesses and tourists, Cuba is now beginning to reemerge as a desirable destination for both.