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The State Highway 2 off-ramp at Ngauranga, Wellington will be closed for resurfacing and new road marking on the night of Sunday 13 November, from 10pm until 5am Monday 14 November.
For the three-month duration of this activity, all northbound motorists coming from Skyway are encouraged to use the Skyway Magallanes off-ramp or the Don Bosco off-ramp to go to Makati City.
This existing demand far exceeds (almost double) capacity of the off-ramp.
As a precautionary move, state police closed down the Exit 1 off-ramp from Interstate 190 northbound, which can be used to access to the Greendale Mall parking lot.
Too many women take the off-ramp and then struggle to find a meaningful path back--and as Sandberg says, then the job is no longer worth the effort to balance family and career.
Off-Ramp opportunities benefit both officers and the community.
Access to the Gowanus Expressway (I-287) is provided by an off-ramp at 39th Street and Third Avenue, and an entrance ramp at 65th Street and Second Avenue.
The second phase of repairs begins at the end of the year to replace the Stobcross off-ramp to the Clydeside Expressway and almost 600 yards of parapet on the west side of the bridge.
At a certain point near the Cherry off-ramp in Long Beach, four huge capsule-like containers held natural gas for the Long Beach Electric & Gas company.
The upgrade of the State Highway 2 Ngauranga off-ramp is progressing and is expected to be finished by the end of this month.