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We must be thankful it wasn't lastminute, off-the-cuff stuff.
Given there will be pauses for applause and off-the-cuff remarks, the speech may take about an hour and thirty minutes,' said Abella.
In Stoppers, with Posnick's personal memories alongside each show-stopping photograph, we learn of the off-the-cuff creativity and collaboration between editor, photographer, and the world's most beautiful women.
I'm trying not to have as many off-the-cuff shots but I'm really enjoying trying to learn how to be a full-time team player.
Carwyn came out with the most exaggerated off-the-cuff claims for the Welsh NHS, and Leanne suggested that [inexperienced] civil servants should take over the management of the Indian steel giant Tata in Wales (who are losing over a PS1m a day).
With his signature off-the-cuff commentary, Scarborough offers a dynamic and fast-paced perspective on the current political and media landscape and the headlines of the day.
I extend my deepest apologies to the public, for an off-the-cuff statement made earlier in the week, which understandably came across as reckless and insensitive.
And with all the attention, what was an off-the-cuff idea to cook an extra pie each week for a neighbour has now spiralled into a much bigger task.
Meanwhile, Education Secretary Michael Gove reshuffles his pack of policies at dizzying speed, dealing out off-the-cuff opinions as he does so.
It was an off-the-cuff decision, by captain Steven Caldwell, to bring the team all together just before kick-off to focus minds.
Telling an off-the-cuff story from his childhood in Argentina, Pope Francis said: "My grandmother used to say, 'Children, burial shrouds don't have' pockets'.
Youths without moral compasses collide in unsettling ways in Yoshihiro Nagano's deceptively off-the-cuff drama "Recreation.