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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the person who holds an office
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incumbent, officeholder - the official who holds an office


(əˈfiʃəli) adverb
1. (negative unofficially) as an official. He attended the ceremony officially.
2. formally. The new library was officially opened yesterday.
3. according to what is announced publicly (though not necessarily true in fact). Officially he is on holiday – actually he is working on a new book.
officiate (əˈfiʃieit) verb
to do the duty or service of an office or official position. The new clergyman officiated at the wedding.
officious (əˈfiʃəs) adjective
offering help etc in order to interfere. His mother-in-law is so officious that he does not let her visit his house.
ofˈficiously adverb
ofˈficiousness noun
ˈoffice-bearer noun
a person who holds a position of authority in a society etc.
through the (kind) offices of
with the help of. I got the job through the kind offices of a friend.
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LAHORE -- The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha administered oath to newly-elected office-bearers of the Officer Staff Association (OSA) of the university here at the city campus on Thursday.
The newly elected office-bearers of the EWA includes: Malik Mohammad Saeed secured 366 votes elected as President, Ch.
The whole 30 union office-bearers have also committed under oath that none of them will bow before those supporting the decisio and would try to stop the setting up of the LWSC.
Babar Hayat Tarar informed that the office-bearers of Young Nurses Association met senior officers of Health Department in the Secretariat on Sunday regarding their problems wherein the office-bearers of YNA were informed about these decisions.
4 ( ANI ): Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to address a meeting of office-bearers of local party units in Rajkot today.
Summary: At least 54 organisations participated in the day-long elections of the new set of office-bearers for the Governing Council of the Filipino Community (FilCom) Dubai on Friday at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (Polo) of the consulate in Dubai.
The decision was taken at an emergency meeting of all former LCCI office-bearers held at the LCCI on Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD, July 28 -- The central working committee of PML-N will elect party president and central office-bearers in a meeting scheduled to be held here today.
New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi is likely to name a new set of national office-bearers of the party soon.
The APPMA Businessmen Group felicitated the new office-bearers and termed their unopposed election to their respective seats as the manifestation of business community's trust in them.
New EWA President Malik Mohammad Saeed said, "the new office-bearers would work for the betterment of the university".
RATODERO -- Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Larkana Chapter, office-bearers will take oath of office on Monday, December 09, 2013.