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Offline viewing for Netflix has been available for a while on Android and Apple iOS and the feature is now making its way to Windows users, according to (http://www.
1 -- Google has restored offline functionality to some of its apps, allowing users to access Gmail when they are not connected to the Internet.
Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) relieve some of the back-up that occurs in inspection, but they do little good when they have to be taken offline to program a new part.
The goal of hybrid courses is to join the best features of offline teaching with the best features of online learning to promote active independent learning and to reduce class seat time (Young, 2002).
a leader in online community solutions, has launched a streamlined integration solution between their online "data collection" solution and offline "data repository" solutions.
Through the integration of low-cost ATA drives into an existing storage architecture, the EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems enable customers to bring more of their offline, tape-based data online to extend its useful life.
Online and offline courses are compared in terms of rigor.
For disaster recovery a redundant copy of the data should be made for offsite or offline storage.
NEW YORK -- LiveRamp, the company that enables companies to make their offline data actionable in online advertising, said today that it has teamed up with data-driven leader Lotame to offer LiveRamp's powerful offline-online data matching solution within Crowd Control, Lotame's Unifying Data Management Platform (DMP).
SDP--in conjunction with TSM--automates data protection and allows the Oracle database server to continue executing mission critical applications while safely securing data to offline storage.
Building on our historic success in the offline arena, we have successfully transferred and expanded our industry-leading capabilities online," said Market Facts Interactive Vice President Donna Wydra.
Low-E Glass (Include Offline Online LOW-E GLASS) - it's definition, classification, industry chain and related information.