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 (ŏg′əm, ō′əm)
Variant of ogham.


or og•am

(ˈɒg əm, ˈɔ gəm)

1. an alphabetical script used for inscriptions in an archaic form of Irish from about the 5th to the 10th century.
2. any of the 20 characters of this script, each consisting of strokes for consonants and of notches for vowels cut across a central line on a stone or piece of wood.
[1620–30; < Irish; Middle Irish ogum]

ogham, ogam

1. an alphabetical script originally used for inscriptions in the Irish language from the 5th to the 10th centuries.
2. any of the 20 characters of this script.
3. an inscription in this script. — oghamist, ogamist, n.
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The OGAM also discussed the implementation of employee share based payments and as an initial step gave approval for BFH to purchase Beltone ESOP.
TE has plans to establish a holding company after getting the approval of company's OGAM which will be held this August.
Offset 21: gains hant herb lull mumm ogam rift suss herby miaou ogams rifted
In addition to a thorough review of the textual evidence, the author also considers linguistic evidence as well as the links of the Ogam alphabet to the Latin grammatical tradition in his pursuit of the subject.
Ond mae un peth y gallwn ei warantu; bydd rhaglen Ralio+ S4C yno ar hyd y daith igam ogam i ddangos uchafbwyntiau Rali Cymru GB Dayinsure.
1966): La mort de Cuchulain, Version A, Ogam 18, 343-364.
He travelled throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe recording Celtic inscriptions, especially those carved in the Irish ogam alphabet, and he was particularly interested in the Manx language.
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