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1. Statistics
a. A distribution curve in which the frequencies are cumulative.
b. A frequency distribution.
2. Architecture
a. A diagonal rib of a Gothic vault.
b. A pointed arch.

[Middle English ogif and French ogive, diagonal rib of a vault, both from Old French augive, probably from Vulgar Latin *obviātīva, from Late Latin obviāta, feminine past participle of obviāre, to resist; see obviate.]

o·gi′val adj.


[əʊˈdʒaɪvəl] ADJojival
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The spiral form of the sculpture is based on the ogival arch, originally developed in Sixth Century Iraq and Syria, and used effectively in both the Grand Mosque and Royal Opera House Muscat.
In general, Brettanomyces exhibits cellular morphologies described as being boat-shaped, gothic arches or ogival.
The budding, ogival forms of the four windows of the sixth tier contain identical polychrome designs.
For a variety of reasons, I suspect that a better fit in very low level or very high level jobs would be an ogival or logistic curve.
Soft tissue findings include ankyloglossia, ogival palatal arch and median sagittal palatal fissure18.
To study the amount of scouring around bridge piers with rectangular sections and a triangular Ogival in river bends, a physical model was prepared.
There are six ogival cartouches each on the longer sides and two each on the shorter sides on an ivory background, each containing a grotesque human face at the centre of the scrollwork of palmettes and animal heads.
Every element of the CNC-collection by Zaninelli Bagni is characterised by an ogival form and by a slightly convex upper edge and is carved out of big blocks of precious stone.
Reported risk factors for OSA include elevated BMI, asthma or respiratory allergies, and narrow upper airway (micrognathia, retrognathia, crowded oropharynx, ogival hard palate, narrow nasal passage).
This wall, the first flying buttress of one of the first Gothic cathedrals, was higher and lighter than any built before and transformed the old Romanesque question of weight into one of energy, force, thrust and counter-thrust, as its intricate parts with diverse functions bore the weight of the great ogival vaults, through a series of structural parries, to the ground.
In the intra-physical examination it was clear the atresia of the maxilla, ogival and deep palatum, and also a mixed dentition.