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 (ə-gôn′ĕk, -gŏn′-)
A mark resembling a hook (˛) placed beneath a letter, usually to indicate nasalization, as in Polish, or sometimes vowel length, as in Lithuanian.

[Polish, from diminutive of ogon, tail, from Proto-Slavic *ogonŭ (probably originally "that which drives away (flies and the like)") : *o-, ob-, around, on + *goniti, to push, chase, drive.]
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According to Shneer, the rapidity with which Soviet newspapers were able to publish photographs of German atrocities (the first photographs appeared in Ogonek three days after the German invasion) suggests that photographers had collected photographs of Nazi atrocities during the period of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
In the amount of 3 000 copies,4) Ogonek in the amount of 10 000 copies,5) Puzzle Marshal in the amount of 20 000 copies6) 303 in an amount of 3 000.
About the author: A professional journalist, Alexander Terekhov has contributed to Ogonek, a top Russian magazine, and worked for the editorial teams of various publications.
In charting the 1920s development of photojournalism in popular magazine Ogonek this section also excels.
On assignment for the All-Union Soviet newspaper Pravda, Il'f and Petrov recorded their impressions of US society in the extremely popular novel One-Storied America (Odnoetazhnaia Amerika), and in a series of eleven photographic essays that Ogonek printed in 1936.
In Tlicho orthography, the letter I, commonly referred to as a "barred 1," denotes a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative, the grave accent (as in Behchoko) indicates a low tone, while the ogonek (,) indicates that the vowel is nasalized (as used also in Polish orthography).
The solution gives service providers a significant data monetization advantage that goes well beyond simple integration of policy and charging," said Ed Ogonek, general manager of the Data Experience Product Business Unit at Amdocs.
It would be a visible "very small star" which would encircle the globe 16 times every day, taking 95 minutes for each round trip, the Soviet weekly Ogonek said.
Ottawa, Ontario-based Bridgewater, led by President and CEO Ed Ogonek, provides policy, subscriber management and network control solutions for mobile, telecom and data communication service providers.
Becoming part of Amdocs would enable us to accelerate our corporate growth strategy, centered around global expansion, enabling the transformation to next generation converged networks, portfolio and solution innovation, and leveraging our installed base," said Ed Ogonek, president and CEO, Bridgewater.
Tal es el caso de las grafias z, e, L, s y el uso del ogonek o colita como diacritico para marcar la nasalidad.
Now, the JSC Ogonek printing plant in Moscow, the only completed building by Russian architect and artist El Lissitzky, is also facing demolition.