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1. A female giant or monster in legends and fairy tales that eats humans.
2. A woman who is considered particularly cruel, brutish, or ugly. See Usage Note at -ess.


(ˈoʊ grɪs)

1. a female ogre.
2. a monstrously ugly or cruel woman.
[1705–15; < French ogresse. See ogre, -ess]
usage: See -ess.
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Noun1.ogress - (folklore) a female ogre
ogre - (folklore) a giant who likes to eat human beings


n (Myth) → menschenfressende Riesin; (fig)Ungeheuer nt, → Unmensch m
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There are eagle hunters and outstanding horsemen; labourers with carts pulled by lions and snakes; basket-makers spared by errouhbani , the shape-shifter spirits who roam in forests poking fun at humans; barbers who slash throats and gardeners whose bones turn into speaking grapevines; fishermen who feed whole villages with their miraculous catch; midwifes who even help frogs give birth ( the midwife paid in coal ); coal workers and coals that turn into gold coins; princes who work as carpet weavers ( the craft that saves from death ); blind ogresses with a fine nose for the best foods who grind wheat; kings who know how to rule.
Gagne examine alors la categorie des vieilles tantes dont la plupart sont des ogresses, sauf quelques-unes qui deviennent complices de leurs petites-nieces.
Tu es partie Comme si de rien n'etait Quels sont ces demons venus me hanter Et ces sorcieres voulant m'ensorceler Quelles sont ces ogresses qui veulent me devorer Et tous ces fantomes qui viennent m'epouvanter Et pourquoi ces diables veulent-ils a tout prix me damner?
This system of support scaffolding is designed to maximally support the student in the beginning of the program and is gradually tapered on an individual basis as the student p r ogresses through the three year curriculum, and gains skills and confidence.