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Noun1.oil painter - a painter who uses oil paintsoil painter - a painter who uses oil paints  
painter - an artist who paints
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With classically-trained oil painter and comic-book artist Kyle La Fever, the writing trio brought a Native American Mars to life in a 122-page full-color graphic novel that has just been released.
Cardiff Tell us a little known fact about yourself: I'm originally an oil painter.
Following on from the success of his previous sell-out exhibition, Scottish oil painter, Gordon Wilson is headlining the autumn show, which will open with a special launch event on the evening of September 4.
She was an accomplished oil painter, who specialized in landscapes.
Known for his large landscapes and etchings of Pembrokeshire, he is displaying his work alongside artists like oil painter Bob Royston and Mark Raggett, who is known for his abstract and semi-abstract work.
Mark Sofilas, oil painter, whose work is being shown in Coastal at the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse FOR residents of this landlocked part of Yorkshire, the new exhibition at the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse offers a ray of sunshine, a refreshing sea breeze and a trip to the seaside.
His father Zhou Zheng, a noted oil painter, has his paintings displayed at galleries worldwide, including Italy, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Answer: About 20 years ago I was assigned to do a story about an oil painter here in Eugene, Carrie Coyle.
Artist Ray McKinstry, from Killinchy, Co Down, worked mainly as an oil painter until he was introduced to ReFound owner Jill O'Neill.
His approach was much like an oil painter, building up layers, one firing at a time.
Mr Herd, a talented oil painter, was identified by his credit cards.
Abou Zied explained that although she works in community development, she's closely connected to the art world, as she's also an oil painter.