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Adj.1.oleophobic - lacking affinity for oils
oleophilic - having a strong affinity for oils rather than water
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In this analysis, the focus is on self-cleaning, anti-corrosion and de-icing, but we also examine the commercial applications for the closely related oleophobic and omniphobic materials.
With the product version MIROGARD DARO (Durable Anti-Reflective and Oleophobic) that was presented only this September, the oleophobic, fat-repellent coating allows for fingerprints, water stains and dirt to be wiped away easily using a soft, damp cloth.
Textiles can be optimally finished with hydrophilic/hydrophobic or oleophilic/ oleophobic finishers, softeners and flame retardants as well as antimicrobial agents to provide the desired characteristics.
Many oleophobic coatings are also abrasion resistant, leading to fewer scratches.
It is widely accepted that it is harder to achieve surfaces with oleophobic than hydrophobic properties because most oils have low surface tension.
The chemical and thermal stability of PFASs as well as their hydrophobic and oleophobic properties provide unique material benefits (Buck et al.
The 580P mirror features oleophobic and hydrophobic C-Wall[TM] coating and a premium anti-reflective (AR) coating.
8226; Repellency - Ability to create hydrophobic, superhydrophic and oleophobic surfaces to repel water, oil, and most all liquids.
A new nanocomposite has been used in the production of the filter, which simultaneously enjoys ultra hydrophilic and ultra oleophobic properties.
Another surface modification method is based in decreasing the coating surface energy to reject wetting of fingerprint oils most often via an oleophobic material.
Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to keep lenses clean and repel water