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 (ŏl′ĭ-gärk′, ō′lĭ-)
A member of a small governing faction.

[Greek oligarkhēs : oligos, few + -arkhēs, -arch.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a member of an oligarchy


(ˈɒl ɪˌgɑrk)

one of the rulers in an oligarchy.
[1600–10; < Greek oligárchēs; see olig-, -arch]
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Noun1.oligarch - one of the rulers in an oligarchy
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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Oligarchs and democrats go wrong in their conception of the good.
The aim which he sets before oligarchs or democracies is not the good life, but simple stability or permanence of the existing constitution.
Either they arm the multitude, and then they are more afraid of them than of the enemy; or, if they do not call them out in the hour of battle, they are oligarchs indeed, few to fight as they are few to rule.
These strong oligarchs arose out of the conflict of competition and travelled the inevitable road toward combination.
There is likely to be an assault on the Russian leader's super-wealthy oligarch supporters with their gangster lifestyles.
From out of the blue, he blurted that a rich oligarch was preparing to pay senator-judges P200 million each to acquit Sereno in a trial.
As early as in 2005, the oligarch used the money from BTA-Bank for supporting the revolutions in Kyrgyzstan and then bought-up the assets of the said state for low prices.
In poor health and trapped by oligarchs, in August 1999 he dropped his preferred candidate to succeed him, Boris Nemtsov, in favor of Vladimir Putin, a disciple of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky.
Poroshenko, himself an oligarch once worth more than $1 billion, was elected president to lead the fight against Russia -- and his own kind.
Russian Jew Boris Berezovsky led Yeltsin by the nose and intervened in all the political decisions, Gusinsky (former Russian media tycoon) ruled the media, Smolensky (former head of a large Russian bank, who, due to his wealth, youth and oligarch father, has been dubbed in the media as "baby oligarch") ruled the economy.
Korban, a close associate and proxy for the perennially extravagant and crude oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, was detained by special forces of the SBU intelligence agency on October 31, and "was placed under suspicion for establishing a criminal organization, embezzlement, and holding a state official as a hostage," reported Ukraine Today.
The pro-Russian activists who oppose the oligarch fascism in Ukraine are aware of this hypocrisy in Russia.