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(Genetics) a gene which majorly affects the expression of a qualitative characteristic or trait


(ˈɒl ɪ goʊˌdʒin, əˈlɪg ə-)

a gene that produces or significantly affects the expression of a qualitative heritable characteristic, acting either alone or with a few other genes.
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In inheritance of resistance to stripe rust in winter wheat cultivars, the dominant component was detected in some cases, and the resistance was conditioned by oligogenes (polygene) with heritability of the resistance ranging from 50 to 79% (Feng et al.
The study also revealed that from the tendency of resistant and susceptible genotypes to cluster together, it can be inferred that these genotypes share a common phylogenetic pathway and the resistancy and susceptibility to fusarium wilt may be due to mono or oligogenes which can in turn to be targeted using more efficient marker (molecular) systems.
The genes for these traits (okra leaf, trichomes and gossypol) have higher effect in terms of magnitude and are reported to be governed by oligogenes (Niles, 1980; Endrizzi et al.