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also om·ber  (ŏm′bər) or hom·bre  (hŏm′bər, ŏm′-)
A trick-taking card game, played by three players with 40 cards, that was popular in Europe during the 1600s and 1700s.

[Spanish hombre, man, ombre, from Latin homō, homin-, man; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɒmbə) or


(Card Games) an 18th-century card game
[C17: from Spanish hombre man, referring to the player who attempts to win the stakes]
References in classic literature ?
It was there that Egalite Orleans roasted partridges on the night when he and the Marquis of Steyne won a hundred thousand from a great personage at ombre.
It was all mere surface sound, this murmur of their welcome, this popping of their corks - just as his gestures of response were the extravagant shadows, emphatic in proportion as they meant little, of some game of OMBRES CHINOISES.
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99); Boots and Zoeva Strobe Gel in Halo, PS11, Cult Beauty 5 OMBRE LIPS IF FULLER lips are on your festive wish-list, an ombre lip will help you achieve a pillowy-looking pout.
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She wore a lilac gown comprised of delicate silk chiffon with a rucked bodice and flowing skirt featuring a subtle ombre detail.