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n. pl. o·men·ta (-tə) or o·men·tums
One of the folds of the peritoneum that connect the stomach with other abdominal organs, especially:
a. The greater omentum.
b. The lesser omentum.

[Latin ōmentum, perhaps a dialectal variant of *ūmentum (from earlier *ovimentum : *ov(i)-, to put on, cover-uere in Latin induere, to put on; see indumentum + -mentum, noun suffix) or perhaps from an Italic source akin to Umbrian umen and Latin unguen, fat, fatty substance (since the greater omentum is rich in fat), and Latin unguentum, salve; see unguent.]

o·men′tal (-təl) adj.


(Anatomy) anatomy located in, of, or relating to the omentum
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H-FABP mRNA level peaks in the subcutaneous fat near the wither, then in the visceral fat of perienal, visceral fat of omental, and subcutaneous fat near the base of the tail of Lanzhou fat-tailed sheep (Bai et al.
A minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure (O-Fold) will be used to create an omental fold and at the same time deliver E--Shell.
Therefore, if there is any doubt in diagnosis, image-guided biopsy of the peritoneum or omental cake may help to exclude a non ovarian malignancy (16).
Multifocal FDG-avid hepatic metastases were also identified, as well as extensive serosal, peritoneal, mesenteric, and omental carcinomatosis (Figure 2b).
These sutures were then placed through the capsule and omental fat about 1 cm away from the cut margin at intervals of 1 cm.
Reported findings on CT include ascites, large omental masses, and low density peritoneal lesions with peripheral enhancement mimicking peritoneal carcinomatosis or pseudomyxoma peritonei.
The uterus, cervix and fallopian tube were free and omental deposits were negative for malignancy.
Widespread necrosis of mesenteric, omental, or other intra-abdominal fat is a relatively uncommon disorder, reported in several mammalian species, including humans.
By the time it is, other less-difficult procedures or new medications may make omental transfer surgery (which is very tough on older patients) unnecessary.
The abdominal exam should focus on the presence or absence of ascites (fluid wave), an omental mass, or inguinal adenopathy.
Only intraperitoneal VAT (mainly omental and mesenteric) is drained by the portal vein, a characteristic central to hypotheses linking VAT accumulation to cardiometabolic disease (20).
Roizen affirmed there was less diabetes, less omental ("bad belly fat") that causes inflammation, lower "lousy" LDL cholesterol, higher "healthy" HDL cholesterol, and decreased fatty livers.