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Characterized by omission or omitting: omissive crimes; was omissive of responsibility.
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Adj.1.omissive - characterized by omissions; "omissive crimes"
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Another case of revocation for ingratitude is represented by the omissive deed of the donee, who did not inform the donor about other people's intention of attempt on his life, although he knew it.
Another position contested the amendment, but by understanding, at least in this case, as secondary the literal content of the Fundamental Law; criticized the "positivist legalism" consistent in a sacred reverence to the constitutional text (which would have already been overtaken and subverted by the process of European integration); and added that, even in case of prohibition of the referendum by that text, "the referendum will always be constitutional and, in such case, the prohibiting or omissive rule clearly unconstitutional in substance" (40).
Actually, tax evasion is represented by the direct infringement, in mala fide, of the tax liabilities, both through omissive deeds (lack of bookkeeping etc.