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Noun1.ommastrephes - extremely active cylindrical squid with short strong arms and large rhombic terminal finsommastrephes - extremely active cylindrical squid with short strong arms and large rhombic terminal fins
squid - widely distributed fast-moving ten-armed cephalopod mollusk having a long tapered body with triangular tail fins
genus Ommastrephes - a genus of Decapoda
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Standardizing CPUE of Ommastrephes bartramii for Chinese squid-jigging fishery in Northwest Pacific Ocean.
Experimental studies on breeding habits and development of the squid, Ommastrephes sloani pacificus Steenstrup III.
2009) en el cefalopodo Ommastrephes bartramii (Lesueur 1821) ha registrado al helminto T.
Nonetheless, there is research data available since 1979 identifying and taxonomically classifying squid off Ecuadorian waters and the most abundant species identified at the time were Dosidicus gigas, Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis (Lesson, 1830), and Ommastrephes bartramii (Lesueur, 1821).
Hatch dates and growth of Ommastrephes bartramii paralarvae from Hawaiian waters as determined from statolith analysis.
Importance of weighting for multi-variable habitat suitability index model: a case study of winter-spring cohort of Ommastrephes bartramii in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.
When proboscis suckers were visible, they were checked to separate individuals of the genera Hyaloteuthis, Eucleoteuthis, and Ommastrephes (enlarged, lateral suckers on proboscis) from individuals of the genera Dosidicus and Sthenoteuthis (equalsize suckers on proboscis).
Con respecto a los indices c/d y d/f, la situacion es aun menos clara, pudiendo encontrarse especies de la familias Ommastrephidae (Todarodes flippovae; Ommastrephes bartramii) y Onychoteuthidae (Onychoteuthis sp.
Ommastrephes bartramii gradually mature in fall and are thought to begin their spawning migration in October and November (Fig.
Item %N %F %P Crustacea Haliporoides diomedae 0,8 1,8 0,001 Cephalopoda Ommastrephidae Dosidicus gigas 48,3 32,7 85,2 Todarodes filippovae 20,2 18,2 8,7 Ommastrephes bartramii 0,4 0,9 0,02 Histioteuthidae Histioteuthis heteropsis 0,4 0,9 0,04 Histioteuthis hoylei 1,7 1,8 0,04 Histioteuthis sp.