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n. onfalitis, infl. del ombligo.
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omphalitis and other skin infections, otitis, or urinary infections), and severe cases have been reported (e.
Reproductive tract diseases (n = 521) were omphalitis, salpingitis, peritonitis/coelomitis mostly caused by E.
Severe congenital neutropenia usually presents with a clinical picture of a severe infection including omphalitis, abscess formation, otitis, gingivitis and pneumonia in the first six months.
Omphalitis was diagnosed if redness, swelling or pus was present on the cord or the surrounding skin; it was classified as mild if restricted to the stump, moderate jilt extended no more than 2 cm from the base of the stump and severe if more extensive.
Escherichia coli has several virulence attributes which result in variety of diseases in poultry, including salpingities, sinovities, omphalitis, and chronic respiratory disease (Gutierrez et al.