on the coattails of

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1. The loose back part of a coat that hangs below the waist.
2. coattails The skirts of a formal or dress coat.
on the coattails of
1. As a result of the success of another: elected to office on the coattails of a popular governor.
2. Immediately following or as a direct result of: resigned on the coattails of the scandal.
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Furthermore, I would really like to see JNPR rally of its own accord, and not on the coattails of CSCO.
Anyone can ride on the coattails of the best and brightest of the investment community by reading Turnaround Tactician.
Moreover, the same characteristics make the LM2622 an ideal solution for biasing the white LED backlights of small-format color LC displays, a market segment poised for rapid growth on the coattails of web-enabled 2.