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Noun1.on-line database - (computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
database - an organized body of related information
relational database - a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes; "in a relational database the data are organized as a number of differently sized tables"
object-oriented database - a database in which the operations carried out on information items (data objects) are considered part of their definition
lexical database - a database of information about words
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The on-line database always has the latest information.
com) is a new, highly anticipated, on-line database that provides a central location for producers, directors, actors and other show business professionals to post their own information and find talent for productions around the globe.
The photos taken by the students and National Geographic photographers will be used in partnership with QU's Environmental Studies Centre to produce an on-line database to document the importance of the mangroves.
In response, the NLA has launched its own on-line database of NLA members at www.
Each communication board can be modified by searching an on-line database of more than 5,000 images at http://www.
The Audience-FAX data will be available in an on-line database which ABC members will be able to access.
A NEW on-line database containing the records of millions of British soldiers who fought in the First World War was launched today.
Another EWG investigation resulted in the Skin Deep on-line database, which lists some 7,500 individual personal-care product health and safety reviews.
Kirkburton Library is launching a new on-line database.
To assist the law enforcement community with conducting lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance, an on-line database containing this information is currently available.
A new, on-line database that houses life cycle inventory data has been designed to help industry support voluntary efforts aimed at improving the environmental performance of their products.
The on-line database, which will eventually include 30,000 pictures of potential filming locations in North Wales, was officially launched at the exhibition at Llandudno.

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