one hundred twenty

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hundred twenty - being ten more than one hundred ten
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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This will include one hundred twenty thousand pilgrims under government scheme, while fifty-nine thousand two hundred and ten people will be taken under private Hajj scheme.
One hundred twenty passengers were also stranded in Tabaco City in Albay.
Sharing the details, Hayat said sixty six will be in Attock, seventy in Hassanabdal, one hundred seventy three in Fateh Jang, three hundred twenty five in Pindgheb and one hundred twenty will be in Jand.
Mexico has one hundred twenty professional companies, six or seven of them large contemporary troupes.
Beacon Research has been directly compensated one hundred twenty thousand free trading shares by Epoch Financial for an enrollment in its research program.
The troops also damaged one hundred twenty (120) residential houses and disgraced fifty nine (59) women during the month.
One hundred twenty students in fourth, fifth and sixth grades weighed in on these and other topics during a recent ``I Can Make a Difference'' essay contest sponsored by state Assemblyman Nao Takasugi, R-Camarillo.
A single zCON Console Controller is designed to replace the console support function of up to one hundred twenty eight (128) IBM 3174 non-SNA Establishment Controllers.
ISLAMABAD -- Spokesperson of National Disaster Management Authority Ahmed Kamal said that 27,700 people and one hundred twenty villages in Azad Kashmir have been affected due to rain and flood.
77m lightweight rapid deploy terminal was first introduced by Globecomm in May 2005 and has an average list price of approximately one hundred twenty thousand dollars per unit.
Nearly one hundred twenty one small and big processions will be being taken out on Wednesday in Peshawar other cities of the province and FATA.
60 ( Nine Lacs Twenty Eight Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five And Sixty Paise Only )