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common fraction, simple fraction - the quotient of two integers
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The doses we started on were literally one-ten-thousandth of an egg.
In their study, Lukin and his collaborators show how a single NV-center in a diamond nanocrystal can detect magnetic fields as weak as one-ten-thousandth of Earth's magnetic field.
He adds that the Lowry wastewater will comprise just one-ten-thousandth of the system's daily flow, although it will drain into the system for at least the next thirty years.
Interestingly, ultra-strong CNT fibers made of lightweight CNTs developed by Los Alamos scientist Yuntian Zhu are said to be tougher than diamonds and one-ten-thousandth of a human hair in diameter.
Of course, we rarely notice these specks because of their size--the biggest are two-thirds the width of a human hair, and the smallest, about one-ten-thousandth that size.