one up

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one′ up′

having gained an advantage, esp. over a rival.


v.t. -upped, -up•ping.
to gain an advantage over; be a move, step, etc., ahead of: to one-up the competition.
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With Mexican Logger we took a beer style we loved, one-upped it a bit, and threw a craft spin on it to make it our own.
Things settled down later into a groove of euphoric synths and pounding beats, giving frontman Tyler Joseph plenty of opportunity to theatrically leap from his piano, while drummer Josh Dun one-upped him with a backflip.
This prominent international fashion house first opened its doors in 1980, and since then the wunderkinds at Jovani have continuously one-upped themselves with each new groundbreaking collection.
By winning here I have maybe one-upped Brandon this week.
As much as I've loved "Millionaire" over the years, "Moon" may have one-upped.
Based on this analysis, birds have clearly one-upped us in several ways in terms of colour vision," says Joseph C.
But with 3:05 left in the third, Crosby one-upped Fleury by falling to the ice and stopping a Scott Niedermayer shot with the goaltender out of position.
Steinmeier has one-upped himself, refusing to meet with the Dalai Lama, who was on a five-day visit to Germany while Mrs.
KAIT has one-upped the CBS affiliate by offering four digital channels.