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Unless the two parties agree to cover spending this month, then the whole argument could be moot, but maybe I'm reading things incorrectly, maybe this oneupmanship is how movers and shakers get their kicks and pleasures.
They seem to want to actively avoid being in a position of making major decisions, content instead to focus on the petty oneupmanship and what are deemed "cultural" issues, but are really just the tired old tribalism that have made us somewhat of a laughing stock.
Ten years ago it was all about oneupmanship and showing off with a bling watch.
There is some oneupmanship going on, even among your wealthier friends.
To restore peace in Darjeeling, there is a need for close Centre-state collaboration, which calls for putting aside the present petty games of oneupmanship where the BJP will like to undermine Mamata's influence and the latter will like to keep the "communal" Hindi-speakers at arm's length.
So frequently is President Trump pictured turning an innocuous gesture of camaraderie into a grand display of machismo and oneupmanship that his handshakes have become notorious.
They have to have that as football is a game of confidence and oneupmanship, as was proved in '67.
It was the last gig of the tour, and it came about from the antics of oneupmanship that the band were playing on one another.
In a characteristic display of oneupmanship, Thomas made the point in his autobiography that while Hughes went to spend the night at the Llantwit Major home of Welsh Office Permanent Secretary Goronwy Daniel, he, as a Valleys man, could not bear to leave Aberfan that night.
The middle classes have always been known for their love of material possessions and for keeping up with their neighbours, with suburban oneupmanship taking place on a daily basis," he said.
Thus this type of contest provides an opportunity for oneupmanship, to demonstrate a rare and fleeting shrewdness that the Nassau Stakes does not, because even though those drawn on the stands' side were at a patent disadvantage, like hapless tourists unknowingly walking a mean street on the bad side of town, they still had their advocates.
The reality also brings to the fore, the viciousness with which student politics based on party affiliations, fought on public university campuses in the country, can swiftly deteriorate into a dangerous and meaningless game of political oneupmanship that can divert the attention of an entire nation from more pressing economic and developmental worries.