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A thin, strong, translucent paper.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a glazed translucent paper


(ˈʌn yənˌskɪn)

a thin, lightweight, translucent glazed paper, used esp. for making carbon copies.
[1875–80, Amer.]
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Noun1.onionskin - a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copiesonionskin - a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies
typewriter paper, typing paper - writing paper suitable for use in a typewriter
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I put together some paper cartridges consisting of a nitrated onionskin wrapper, Lyman 557489 460-grain conical projectile and 60 grains of Goex FFg blackpowder.
high-capacity auto-feed, continuous drop feed, packet feed, and rescan feed modes; scan mixed paper weights and sizes, including onionskin as the lightest-weight paper; scan paper sizes of 12.
I recall it had a lot of underlining, notes in the margins, and even some interleaving of onionskin pages, with comments especially from F.
Amid a sea of peripheral characters and references to well-known historical figures (Gorbanevskaya, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov) and period details (the onionskin paper used to type illicit manuscripts, the homemade high-calorie cookies baked for political prisoners that were smuggled into labor camps in care packages), the stories of Ilya, Sanya, and Mikha stand out less effectively.
As the cultured, bookish, egotistically self-hating Lenny lives out his three-point plan to seduce Eunice using a Chekhov novella as his guide, the shallowness of Eunice's world--all social networking, personal rating, credit ranking and clothes buying--is laid bare, just as she is, first through her obsession with revealing underwear and then through the peeling away of her onionskin jeans with their 'rigid, empty skins' (Super Sad, p207).
When it finally arrived I saw a sheaf of typewritten pages on onionskin, double-spaced, with a number of small edits and additions made in blue ink.
Gary was not immediately convinced that this cache of writings on onionskin with rusty paper clips had never seen print before.
Peirce spending weeks laying onionskin transparencies over one another and counting thousands of discrepant downstrokes, wavelet transformation can decompose digital images into patterns with distinctive properties at all scales: whole, parts, and parts of parts.
IBM Selectric typeface on onionskin, emended by No.
He had filled three pages of onionskin paper with this drivel about Mahnoor.
Yet perhaps the biggest find of Goldman's research was the onionskin manuscript of his unfinished autobiography with Los Angeles Times writer Wayne Warga, in which Wayne details his unlikely transition from USC dropout and stagehand to global star.
Since these copies were created on very flimsy onionskin, they became known as "flimsies.