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1. Of, relating to, or explaining a name or names.
2. Of or relating to onomastics.

[French onomastique, from Greek onomastikos, from onomazein, to name, from onoma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Linguistics) of or relating to proper names
2. (Law) law denoting a signature in a different handwriting from that of the document to which it is attached
[C17: from Greek onomastikos, from onomazein to name, from onoma name]


(ˌɒn əˈmæs tɪk)

1. of or pertaining to proper names.
2. of or pertaining to onomastics.
3. (of a signature) not in the same hand as the document to which it is appended.
[1600–10; < Greek onomastikós, derivative of onomázein to name, derivative of ónoma name]
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Adj.1.onomastic - of or related to onomastics; "he published a collection of his onomastic essays"


[ˌɒnəʊˈmæstɪk] ADJonomástico
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On the other hand, creating new taxonomic structures and onomastic terms serves to make a muddled up picture even more confusing.
They explore puns, portmanteaus, bon mots, neologisms, and fetish words in literary onomastic and constrained writing in both poetry and prose, including philosophy and cinema.
Lukasz Neubauer categorizes and explicates some examples of Tolkien's philological jests relating to place names (toponyms) and character names (anthroponyms and zoonyms) in "Plain Ignorance in the Vulgar Form: Tolkien's Onomastic Humour in Farmer Giles of Ham.
The types of errors are various, but include replacing the older name "Beow" with the eponymous "Beowulf"; rendering numerous personal names and ethnonyms as kennings; changing the unfamiliar onomastic element "Un-" into the productive "Hun-" in "Unferth"; rendering a name as a similar word, such a geomer for Eomer; or copying a word with the correct graphemes but irregular spacing, which produced familiar morphemes that lack overall sense.
The themes of Kaisa Rautio Helander's talk were onomastic landscapes and different language policies concerning the public display of Sami place names in different Sami areas.
In a separate treatment of epigraphic, numismatic, and onomastic evidence, Marciak adds to the evidence for Adiabene and its rulers, and concludes with a useful chronology of Adiabene royalty, some better attested than others (p.
Jeff Grant has found a record-breaking name that ends in an onomastic trick.
He is also known for his skill in reading the names of students from around the world aloud at commencement: a feat of onomastic daring that few others would dare to undertake.
Where it regards the second stated goal of GuPauskyte's study--to "contribute to the growing field of literature that articulates voices of resistance" (20)--the author's argument could be strengthened by a second look at the extensive indigenous onomastic system that informed Columbus.
Thursday, October 29 -- a day dedicated to Cultural identity , with onomastic and national toponymy as a special focus.
Media are integrated into the playground, Rebekah Willett argues in Chapter 6, 'Remixing Children's Cultures', employing concepts from Bishop's earlier studies, onomastic allusion, syncretism, mimesis and parody (pp.