or on-screen  (ŏn′skrēn′, ôn′-)
adj. & adv.
1. As shown on a movie, television, or display screen.
2. Within public view; in public.
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The onscreen feature was originally meant to be activated for 15 seconds to allow the voter to quickly read through the data captured by the VCM.
A new interactive system called XaviX (ZA-vix) hooks up to your television and lets you control onscreen bowlers, baseball batters, and tennis players without a joystick.
I especially appreciated the onscreen memos that describe each style's features and the referencing of specific titles from that particular artist or genre.
MessagEase Onscreen Keyboard essentially uses 9 keys, yet it enters all letters, numbers and special characters.
The user can move the onscreen pointer by calling out the name of the object set, such as toolbar buttons, which reveals onscreen hint tags to help point out the available onscreen objects.
Consequently, Thermaltake is very proud to be partnering with OnScreen to help ultimately deliver an unparalleled computing experience for serious high-end gamers," stated Joseph Lin, Thermaltake's Director of Global Strategic Marketing.
He, however, said that deliberations on whether or not to activate the VCM's onscreen verification were in progress.
This notice of allowance for all claims is an important milestone for OnScreen and should serve to greatly support and strengthen our efforts to drive market acceptance of WayCool as we pursue and secure collaborative licensing and royalty opportunities with companies seeking viable thermal cooling solutions," commented Dr.
The terms and conditions of the licensing agreement provide for CUI to pay OnScreen a royalty on unit sales of all CUI-produced PSUs manufactured with WayCool technology.
Russell Wall, Chief Executive Officer of OnScreen Technologies([TM]), Inc.
Jeff Stiling, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at OnScreen, stated, "To accelerate market penetration and reach a larger population of qualified, prospective customers who can benefit from RediAlert's many innovative features and benefits, OnScreen is implementing its strategy to develop a national distributor network.
Following the quick sale of the first six displays we purchased from OnScreen, we are delighted to be reordering, and expect that we'll be back shortly for more.