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 (ŏn-stāj′, ôn-)
Situated or taking place in the area of a stage that is visible to the audience.
In or into the area of a stage that is visible to the audience.


on the stage in a theatre, concert hall, etc, as for a performance


(ˈɒnˈsteɪdʒ, ˈɔn-)

1. on or onto the stage (opposed to offstage).
2. of, pertaining to, or used in that part of the stage seen by the audience.
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Adj.1.onstage - situated or taking place on the area of a stage visible to the audience
offstage - situated or taking place in the area of a stage not visible to the audience; "offstage noises"
Adv.1.onstage - on the stage; "it was time for her to go onstage"
offstage - behind the scenes; not on stage; "the actors were waiting offstage"


[ˌɒnˈsteɪdʒ] adven scène
onstage and off-stage (= both onstage and in private life) → à la scène comme à la ville
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In announcing the new project for Onstage International, Shereen Mitwalli, Head of the Agency and International Presenter commented:
Forgetting choreography, going on at the last minute, falling onstage and having a costume malfunction made our list.
This has been both a blessing and a curse to businesses, as they've been forced to confront a new kind of customer--"the onstage hater," as Jay Baer calls the type in his new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.
The Existential Actor: Life and Death Onstage and Off
MARGARET ANICH: I pretty much always see myself onstage.
Relive the soul-filled songs of the '70s in this follow-up to a previous Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe production, onstage through March 24.
Robert Pattinson smiles onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards
Mariah Carey took fans by surprise when she brought her dog onstage with her at the 2012 NFL kick-off at the Rockefeller center in New York last night.
Rochester argues that Massinger's onstage spectators typically "misread, overinterpret or otherwise misconstrue the metadramatic insets they watch, and their responses to these interpretations structure the plots of his plays" (1).
This book/CD-ROM package shows novice and experienced Reason users, both meticulous craftsmen and freestyle artists, how to use Reason for onstage performance.
So I picked her up and said, 'You can't go onstage,' and she said, 'Why?
Nobody knows anything about the process--or certainly anything about the results--until we physically hand deliver the envelopes onstage," he says.