open weave

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: weave - a weave in which warp threads never come together, leaving interstices in the fabric
weave - pattern of weaving or structure of a fabric
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In frost pockets, consider replacing the fence with open weave trellis or a hardy hedge.
The next day was for making the terno's butterfly sleeves made with canamazo, a starched, open weave fabric similar to sinamay.
If the sweater has an open weave, stitch around the pattern piece tracing, working just outside the traced line.
G-60 galvanized expanded steel metallath and 90 percent open weave polyester drainage mesh.
It's an open weave, self-adhering wrap that has a weaker adhesive but is great for securing bandages on an active dog.
The first feature is the patented material agnostic sensor technology, which is unaffected by environmental conditions and automatically adapts to any changes in materials from nonwoven to film or from nonporous materials to open weave materials.
Tenders are invited for 6 EA Schutt Hollywood bury-all home plate, all rubber waffle design, waterproof, 3" thick, 6 EA End spike economy pitching rubber with spikes - Official size 6" x 24", 2 EA Hollywood Original Jack Corbett base sets, 6 EA Schutt Hollywood Step-Down pitching heavy duty all rubber, 6 EA Forest Green - Heavy Duty 6~ x 50~ Windscreen with open weave and breathable mesh vinyl coated UV light resistant.
The deep green open weave top, the abstract ruffled skirt, the pointy toed heels--everything works.
The open weave design of the recliner chair, combined with the head rest, provides perfect hammock-like comfort and the locks on the wooden arms allow you to secure the chair in place while you relax.
Open weave elastic lacing provides perfect hammock-like comfort, easing muscular tension.
Dracaena Marginata Braid Open Weave (lush foliage and a breaded steam).