open-door policy

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: policy - the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries
national trading policy, trade policy - a government's policy controlling foreign trade
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Our open-door policy which our pro-euro politicians have forced upon us to support the principles of a flawed Utopian European State is now exposing both the weakness of these open-door policies and the pathetic ineptitude of our politicians.
Does he believe in controlling immigration or does he advocate an open-door policy so that anyone from any part of the world can come and live here?
He was speaking as he received citizens to reach out to their needs as part of the ministry's open-door policy.
Lithuania is one of the countries that strongly supports NATO's open-door policy and this is very significant for us as a country aspiring for full-fledged membership.
The experience of the Vilnius Group countries of NATO's open-door policy and their benefits from the full-fledged membership of the Alliance were presented at the meeting.
Bahrain has pledged to cut bureaucracy through an open-door policy aimed at ensuring people to have easier access to municipal services.
For the first time, Bahrain's media will join in dialogue with a government minister to activate an open-door policy.
The official told KUNA that the HRW delegation's visit came within the agency's open-door policy and transparency in regards to humanitarian issues.
Since the time of the late King Abdul Aziz, the government has pursued an open-door policy where the rulers would receive citizens, listen to their complaints and resolve their problems.
Open-door policy (100 percent of surveyed companies) followed by organizational culture (40 percent of surveyed companies) were the two most important elements for a healthy working atmosphere.
We've heard a lot about the open-door policy on immigration but isn't this taking the door off its hinges and rolling out a red carpet?
It operates an open-door policy but Mr Warrior said they were now considering locking doors for the first time.